It pays to take extra care

Low delivery charges can mask the true cost of transporting fragile items. Our specialist expertise delivers benefits for both your bottom line and the planet.


We take extra care to minimise returns

Our clients enjoy an average returns rate of just 3%, cutting the time and cost of dealing with returned items.


We take extra care to reduce landfill

Any damaged items that are returned are repaired and re-sold; with the proceeds supporting good causes.


We take extra care to minimise waste

We consider what impact our packaging has on the environment - we don't just add extra layers of cardboard and hope for the best.


What we deliver

Since 2013 we’ve specialised in transporting fragile items that other companies often won’t touch – from mirrors and other glass items toartwork and pictures.

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We deliver to every UK postcode every week. Our delivery/collection schedule operates on set days, Monday to Friday.

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how we take extra care


‘Fantastic quality mirror at a brilliant price. It looks fantastic in my hallway - a real show piece! Can I also point out how well it was delivered. Not a mark, scratch, dent or crack on it. It was delivered by the courier, Fragilistics. Keep them, Dunelm, they certainly know how to deliver fragile items. The guy who delivered it would not let go of the parcel until he'd left safely put it down inside the house. Wish other couriers would be as meticulous.’

Dunelm Customer

‘Excellent delivery, received an item I had ordered and it was safely and professionally delivered by the Fragilistics courier/driver Kevin. He was very helpful and extremely friendly too. Top notch service’

Amanda Bailey-Woollett

‘Spot on with the delivery went above and beyond and waited for me to get back from work absolutely no complaints! Excellent communication and decent price compared to other companies. Do write reviews often but would highly recommend’

Josiah Irons

‘Never had an issue. Art delivered within time frame and undamaged.’

Andrew Lindsay



  • Average returns rate under 3%.
  • Every box in our vans is a fragile item,so it's given the care and respect it deserves.
  • We know how to package fragile items in the most effective and environmentally friendly way possible.
  • We take a drop shipping approach - where we hold the stock in our warehouse for customers. This means items travel fewer miles, with less emissions and get to customers quicker.
  • Damaged items that are returned to us are repaired and resold if possible. Where they're good enough for use but not for retail, we donate them to worthy causes.


  • The average returns rate is up to 30%.
  • Drivers can struggle to recognise (or avoid stepping on) fragile items in amongst all the other boxes they're carrying.
  • Fragile items are often wrapped in layers of unnecessary cardboard – simply increasing the cost to the environment.
  • Most trunk items to a main transfer hub in the Midlands, and then trunk them out to a delivering hub. From there items finally go out to customers. This means fragile items travel further, clock up more emissions and are handled by more people, increasing the risk of damage.
  • Damaged items often end up in landfill.